Episode 58 - Guy Leech Interview

Australian Survivor Archives

Dec 9 2021 • 2 hrs 16 mins

You've heard from six other players from Australian Survivor Season 2 but now it's time to hear from the one man who ruled them all in the winner of Celebrity Survivor from 2006, the one and only Guy Leech! Yes, that's right, it's time to speak to our first ever winner on the show as we sit down with Guy to find out anything and everything from his time out in Vanuatu and just how he went from being voted out on day 13 to becoming the second ever winner of Australian Survivor. Added to this we also find out just how ready he was to play and how he got himself in that zone, why Survivor was the one show he wanted to do over any other show and just how close he came to coming back in the Channel Ten era of Survivor. It's one hell of a chat that reveals a lot more than you could've ever imagined, so pour yourself a bowl of Nutri-Grain and get yourself in ironman form for one interview you definitely won't want to miss!