Building sustainability focused products for Gen Z, with Anushree Sharma


Sep 7 2022 • 32 mins

Anushree is a running CPO at NUW, the world's first clothes sharing and swapping app. She is a passionate product leader with experience across a range of product roles at various early stage start-ups. Her experience is spanning across e-commerce, healthcare, travel and fashion in America, India and now in the UK.

Today we are going to talk about:

- user centric design

- learnings point from building products across a variety of countries

- and sustainable future

Episode outline and highlights

[2.00] Anushree’s start in product management

[3.50] NUW’s mission and creating the sustainable world

[10.50] Insights on Gen Z consumers and their shopping behaviours

[19.20] User centric design

[28.20] International experience and core learnings of building products in the US, UK, and India

Building products for Gen Z

How do we achieve the sustainable future when the main consumer base has less purchasing power? How do we follow the data driven approach to catch the rising needs of the Gen Z consumer?

NUW is expanding into b2b segment, allowing the secondary market of large clothing brands to create the loyal crowd of consumers and focus on sustainability element, pushing for the quality of the produce up.

Gen Z consumer base differ in the way they find information, how aware they are of the composition, materials and consequences of their purchasing choices. Transactions in NUW are happening faster, spurred by the “first upload, then swap" logic on the platform. That way the coin is spent faster, allowing the users to change their wardrobes faster.

Key learnings from Anushree’s experience

Anushree worked across multiple geographies, yet outlined India as the most fast paced, demanding and price sensitive market, that makes the challenge of building products for that market extremely interesting. That experience, she found, was very rewarding and dynamic. That pushes the product leader to prioritise rigorously and keep the eye sharp on the consumer. As a comparison, in the US the process of bussing early stage startups was structured and mature.

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