Episode 096 - Special Holiday 2023 Series: Unpolished GOLD - Pixels to Prototypes with Robert Johnson

Unpolished MBA

Dec 7 2023 • 25 mins

Holiday Series 2023 - Unpolished MBA Gold: Mining For Talent In Transition

  • This episode features a conversation with Robert Johnson, a seasoned professional in user experience (UX) design. We delve into his multifaceted career journey, exploring the intersections of multimedia, photography, and UX design.

Some Topics Discussed Include:

Career Transition and Exploration:

  • Robert discusses his initial career as a photographer and his evolution into UX design, driven by market changes and personal interests.
  • Insights into adapting to and embracing different roles in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • An overview of Robert's experiences designing multimedia curriculum and his role as a multimedia journalist and how he maintains his passion for photography alongside his professional career.

UX Design in Different Industries:

  • A deep dive into Robert's experiences as a UX Architect at State Farm and his work on enterprise systems in FinTech.

The Future of UX Design:

  • Robert's perspective on how AI and digital transformation are shaping the future of UX design.

Advice for Aspiring UX Designers:

  • Valuable tips for those transitioning into UX/UI design and product design fields.

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