Episode 093 - Special Holiday 2023 Series: Unpolished GOLD - Seizing The Reins w/Cameo Doran

Unpolished MBA

Nov 21 2023 • 28 mins

Holiday Series 2023 - Unpolished MBA Gold: Mining For Talent In Transition

This episode features Cameo Doran, a former VP who has successfully navigated a career transition into entrepreneurship.

Cameo's Journey:

  • Layoff Experience: Cameo discusses her layoff experience after being part of an executive team, reflecting on the personal impact and her initial reactions.
  • Launching Cameo Labs: She shares her journey post-layoff, which led to the launch of her consultancy, Cameo Labs.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Emotional Impact of Layoff: Cameo talks about the personal toll of a layoff, even when it’s not performance-related.
  • Transition to Entrepreneurship: She reflects on her desire to start her own consultancy, which was put on hold during her VP role, and how the layoff became a catalyst for this transition. Her new company, Cameo Labs, helps tech companies and startups in developing and managing their products effectively.
  • Challenges of Job Search vs. Entrepreneurship: The discussion covers the uncertainties and challenges of both job searching and entrepreneurship.
  • Taking Control: Cameo emphasizes the empowerment she feels in choosing her clients and projects, a stark contrast to her corporate experience.
  • Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: She gives practical advice for those considering a leap into entrepreneurship, focusing on starting small and leveraging LinkedIn for building expertise.

Rapid Fire Answers:

  • Favorite Book: Atomic Habits (here it is on Amazon!)
  • Tech Tool(s) You Can't Live Without: Canva AND LinkedIn

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