Episode 099 - Special Holiday 2023 Series: Unpolished GOLD - Demand Gen Mastery w/Tory Kindlick

Unpolished MBA

Dec 27 2023 • 27 mins

Holiday Series 2023 - Unpolished MBA Gold: Mining For Talent In Transition

This episode features a conversation with Tory Kindlick, a seasoned expert in demand generation.

Some Topics Discussed Include:

Career Transitions and Recharging:

  • Tory shares his experiences and insights on taking breaks between jobs, emphasizing the importance of recharging and spending time with family.

Networking and LinkedIn Engagement:

  • The role of networking in career transitions and how being active on LinkedIn can open doors to new opportunities.

Demand Generation Strategies:

  • Tory delves into modern demand generation strategies, focusing on education and the creation of demand rather than just capturing it.

Building Demand Gen Teams:

  • Essential roles in a demand gen team and Tory's perspective as an architect within such teams.

Sales and Marketing Alignment:

  • Tips for bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams to improve collaboration and overall company success.

AI's Impact on Demand Gen:

  • How AI tools like ChatGPT can augment the demand generation process without fully automating it.

Advice for Career Transitioners:

  • Tory's tips for professionals navigating career changes, including setting weekly goals and leveraging LinkedIn for networking.

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