#17 Ross Trethewey of TE2 Engineering & This Old House on Mechanical Engrg & Smart Home Tech

Real Estate Addicts

Jul 23 2019 • 49 mins

Ross Trethewey, founder and lead engineer for TE2 Engineering and Home Technology Expert on “This Old House” joins REA to talk mechanical engineering and smart home tech. We begin with a discussion on sustainability and identify the easiest and most effective ways to make your buildings more cost efficient to run and environmentally friendly to operate. Next, we dive into a discussion on basic options with regard to home heating and cooling systems from gas fired furnaces, to “combi units”, electric heat pumps and VRF units and how they each compare with regard to upfront installation costs and operational costs. From there we jump into a discussion on the best smart home features. Other topics covered include: Why is the temperature on a thermostat alone often a poor indicator of comfort? Why are so few people satisfied with the thermal comfort in their home? What is indoor air-quality? Why is it critical for buildings need to “breath”? How can I measure indoor air quality in my home? What are the most common mistakes Ross sees builders making on the MEP side? What are some strategies to keep HVAC systems quiet? What’s up with solar? Is it worth considering? How has battery technology changed the game in terms of solar? How do driveway snow melt systems work? Are they effective? Is induction cooking worth considering?