Return Visit With Nasim Alikhani of Sofreh- Illuminating A Shared Humanity

One Woman Kitchen

16-01-2020 • 53 mins

We revisit this episode of One Woman Kitchen as an homage to Nasim Alikhani,  the chef and owner of the acclaimed Persian restaurant Sofreh, in Brooklyn. Nasim recently returns from Tehran visiting family and friends, says she has never seen her people in such despair, that these were truly the darkest of times. Nasim, who has lived through the revolution, the war between Iran and Iraq, the cultural revolution, and so much more, reminds us in this beautiful and poignant story that one woman's journey can illuminate a shared humanity. In this episode, originally aired May 29, 2019, Nasim connects us to happier times, and the beauty of Iran's culture through its food ways. Thank you, Nasim, for sharing your story then -- and now.

This might sound like a movie pitch:

A young woman leaves Iran after a revolution, comes to America to start a new life, becomes a mother, who was always cooking and more than 35 years later—with no professional training and against all odds, opens an acclaimed restaurant in New York at age 59, becoming the driver of a trendy new cuisine in Manhattan.

For now, it’s not a movie. It’s the life of Nasim Alikhani, founder of Sofreh. Nasim joins Chef Rozanne Gold.