Sharing your joy and passion while seeking balance (featuring Corey Lynn Tucker)

The Ditto Podcast: for creative entrepreneurs

Jun 8 2021 • 1 hr

Listen to this episode if you're seeking some calm and balance. Corey's story is a reminder that you can seek whatever your heart yearns for. This lifetime is limited, but your potential is not.

Corey's role on this Earth is so much more than simply Destination Elopement Photographer.  She is a creative stylist, an educator, a wellness enthusiast, an organic gardener, a forager, a brand and intimate portrait artist, an avid brainstormer, an activist, a travel guide guru, and an ever-explorer. Her weekend plans range from finding hidden gems while hiking through the mountains with her husband to rallying for social justice at a protest downtown. She dreams about trips to the desert, thriving through van life as she travels between national parks, living on a lush, green, protected planet and being a life-long learner. To put it simply: her middle name is Passionate. And she dedicates her life to working with other creative, adventurous souls who value lifting each other up as much as they value dreamy photos that capture their genuine love story.

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