Pivot! with Chris Stiles

The Ditto Podcast: for creative entrepreneurs

Sep 7 2021 • 46 mins

Chris is the owner and lead photographer of Photography Stiles. The main focus is geared towards weddings, engagements, and families. Capturing core memories for couples and families is something he finds passion in providing. Chris also firmly believes in not following a linear career path, as he spent years of his life working in the private sector for software training, sales engineering, and meteorology. Making the decision to do a 180 and become a full time wedding photographer is something he's proud of, and would encourage others to never feel unhappy in their working life!

Listen to this episode to hear one of my favorite inspirational stories. Chris completely pivoted his career and shows us all how empowering it can be to go after something you're truly passionate about. We talk about being launched into the busiest wedding season of our lives, so if you're in the wedding industry, or you're thinking about completely pivoting... this episode will feel SUPER relatable to you!

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