Truth? You Can't Handle It!

From A Certain Point Of View - A WoodenBull Films Podcast

Apr 26 2021 • 1 hr 30 mins

Welcome to this weeks Monday episode everyone.

To get the ball rolling Justin puts Hayden on the spot and asks the question of 'if you could pick a super power what would it be?'.

With the writing still on pause it allowed for some extended viewing this week.

WHATCHA BEEN WATCHING: 'Boy Meets World' continues to impresses Hayden, even though he keeps missing episodes! 'Empire' and 'Family Business' each have that cliff hanger final season episode (gotta love how tv does that). 'Dad, stop embarrassing me' has Jamie Foxx flexing his comedic chops and we all benefit from it.
'On The Town' (1949) with Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra, is the one film Hayden gets to and he tries to convince Justin that some musicals are really good.

Justin digs into 'Hip Hop Evolution' & 'The Defiant Ones', which lends itself to the formation of a new script idea. While 'Alita: Battle Angel' gets Justin thinking about the human elements of being a cyborg and finding your identity.

Does it hurt? Some of the hits in this episode do. Here we tackle the penultimate episode and break down everything that we know so far, and uncover some things that we each missed!

RACHAELS REVIEW: After giving her response to Justin's trivia question, Rachael gives us her weekly rundown, followed by her review of the newly release 'Mortal Kombat' film.

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