From Pain to Power:Using Hypnosis for Healing Multi-Symptom Issues with Melanie McCool

The Change Gang Podcast

Feb 1 2024 • 22 mins

I have to thank Melanie for being so very open and honest about her journey of healing a multi-symptom breakdown in her body and mind, and why she made the decision to train to heal others experiencing what some term 'life long issues' within a very short time frame.  Because she ended up 'sick', she chose to heal physically, mentally and more!

Melanie McCool is 'The Entrepreneur's Hypnotherapist' who runs a thriving Facebook group called Unlock the Money in Your Mind - a group for entrepreneurs to get the tools to thrive without sacrificing what they love and succumbing to burnout.

With more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, she combines the neuroscience of success, money mindset, sales confidence training, hypnosis and NLP in her 'Entrepreneur Burnout Recovery Hypnosis' protocol to quickly remove subconscious blocks and end the cycle of procrastination and self sabotage.

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