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Nov 28 2023 • 37 mins

Welcome back, friends, to our podcast, Unlocking Your World of Creativity. Today, we're delving into the enchanting realm of epic and dark fantasy novels with a unique blend of tabletop role-playing games and strategy games. Joining us is the talented J. V. Hilliard, the author of the captivating Warminster Saga.

Exploring Epic Fantasy Foundations:

In our interview with J. V. Hilliard, we uncovered the foundational elements that make a great epic and fantasy novel. Here are the key ingredients discussed:

  1. - World Building: Creating a believable and immersive world is crucial. Whether it's Middle Earth, Westeros, or Shannara, building a world grounded in realism with fantastical elements allows readers to escape and believe in the existence of the created realm.
  2. Tropes: Themes such as struggle, redemption, forbidden love, and the hero's journey resonate with readers. Incorporating relatable challenges into characters' journeys helps readers connect with the narrative.
  3. - *Recognition and Familiarity: Including recognizable elements like the hero's journey, coming-of-age stories, and enemies-to-lovers dynamics provides readers with something to identify with, especially in entirely made-up worlds.

Series Structure: Fantasy novels often take the form of series because readers, once invested in a richly built world, want to explore it further. Series allow for a more in-depth exploration of the intricacies of the world and characters.

J. V. Hilliard's Warminster Saga

We discussed the inspiration and world-building vision behind J. V. Hilliard's Warminster Saga, a four-part series. Originally envisioned as a standalone book, the success of the first installment led to the decision to expand it into a series. The series, rooted in J. V.'s decades-long experience with Dungeons and Dragons, explores the fantasy world of Warminster.

Crafting the Story

J. V. shared insights into his creative process and how he organizes the myriad elements of his stories. He uses a whiteboard to visualize plot interactions, events, and character developments. His approach blends planning and flexibility, ensuring a detailed and cohesive storyline.

From Page to Screen and Beyond

Excitingly, J. V. Hilliard has expanded the Warminster Saga into new mediums. He's licensed the intellectual property for an augmented reality video game and a virtual reality version, both set for release in the coming years. Additionally, a graphic novel adaptation is in the works, providing a visual and interactive dimension to the saga.

In closing, J. V. Hilliard emphasized the collaborative nature of the writing process, acknowledging the invaluable role of editors, beta readers, and the feedback loop with readers. He encourages aspiring authors to embrace constructive criticism and engage with the writing community.

To stay connected with J. V. Hilliard and explore the Warminster Saga, visit his website or find him on various social media platforms.

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