The Plan for 2023- FIGUREOUTABLE!

The Uplift Effect Podcast

Jan 9 2023 • 15 mins

Welcome back friends- let's just go ahead and call this officially "Season 2"!
I'm still here and more passionate than ever about how we as parents can navigate this crazy experience of parenthood, especially under some really tough times we're currently experiencing in this present culture.

Today I briefly discuss my continued vision for this podcast and why we desperately need "an uplift effect"! As well as my WOTY (Word Of The Year), you can use it too!

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The Masterclass Series "Chaos to Calm Parenting Academy" that I reference is a resource that will be incredibly helpful for any parent who wants to break unhealthy generational parenting cycles, up-level their parenting skills, and create that stress-free household they've always wanted- here is the link:
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