How traditional brokers can embrace technological Innovations

Insurtech Story Podcast

Feb 3 2024 • 24 mins

As the insurance industry undergoes a digital revolution, traditional brokers grapple with the need to embrace technological innovations. This podcast delves into the strategies for seamlessly integrating technology into their practices, enhancing client services, and optimizing operations. Exploring the challenges inherent in this transition, it provides insights into overcoming obstacles and staying competitive amid the rise of insurtech start-ups. Discover the key advancements traditional brokers should prioritize to not only survive but thrive in the dynamic landscape, ensuring their continued relevance in an industry undergoing rapid transformation.

Points of discussion:

1. In navigating the intersection of tradition and technology, how can traditional insurance brokers effectively integrate and leverage technological innovations to enhance their client services and streamline operations?

2. As technology continues to reshape the insurance landscape, what specific challenges do traditional brokers face in adopting new tools and platforms? What strategies can be employed to overcome these challenges and ensure a seamless transition to a more tech-savvy approach?

3. With insurtech start-ups disrupting the industry, how can traditional brokers stay competitive and relevant? What are the key technological advancements that brokers should prioritize to not only survive but thrive in the evolving insurance market?

Speaker Bio: Harprem Doowa, is the Founder at Eazy Digital. He was most recently the co-founder and CEO of Frank Insurance, an online digital broker based out of Thailand that innovated the way insurance was bought and sold. He successfully exited the company to Bolttech in 2020 and continued to work for Bolttech and CDO and Head of Insuretech for another 2 years before going back to his entrepreneurial roots.