Tess Howard: Inspiring the future

Full of Fire

Jun 6 2020 • 47 mins

21-year-old hockey player Tess Howard climbed her way from the England U16 team to the GB women’s hockey team in just 3 years. Now with 34 caps and 7 GB goals to her name, she is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics. Balancing a career in international sport with her studies at Durham University, Tess is proof that working hard for your goals is the key to success.

Tess speaks about why she wants to inspire the future and how being a girl is a superpower! She explains how being rejected from Cambridge University was an important moment in making her character. She talks about how young girls can find role models and mentors, and how to succeed by treating exams like sports matches!

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete wanting to learn about how to improve at your own sport or you’re just a normal person thinking about how to get the best out of yourself in any area of your life, I ask her the questions that you want to know the answers to…