Sirin Kale: Becoming a journalist

Full of Fire

Jun 21 2020 • 30 mins

Sirin Kale is a young London-based journalist specialising in women's rights, politics, music, lifestyle, and culture. Sirin has written a range of important pieces, most recently interviewing the head of the Royal College of Nursing on why the NHS is failing people of colour - and another detailed piece in Vogue UK following 4 female NHS doctors coping with the coronavirus crisis - but can also be found writing on TikTok, the subterfuge of lockdown barbers, rainbow hair and reality TV!

Sirin speaks about how she got into journalism (with no connections!), how she can find a story in the most unlikely of places, being an introvert and who she'd most like to interview!

A must-listen for anyone wanting to work in the media, Sirin gives advice on how to get started as a journalist at any age.