Cine-Files: 5cream (Scream 5) (Scream (2022)) Review

Fake Nerd Podcast

Mar 4 2023 • 2 hrs 31 mins

Sometimes it's a topic from the Fake Nerd Podcast, sometimes we need the room to discuss a films on their own. Either way, they end up here in the Fake Nerd Cine-Files!

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Specially recorded as a Fake Nerd Cine-File this is our review of Scream from 2022, better known and regarded as Scream 5 and even better known as 5cream. In the road to Scream 6, the guys are finally able to dive in on the latest entry in this franchise that just can not be stopped! They get into everything that works so well and how much it excites them for the future. PLUS, they rank the films AND the killers! Find out what they enjoy so much in one of horror's most consistent franchises!

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