Claire Fenby and Marcela Torres - Head of Marketing and Marketing Executive at Boldwood Books - From freelancing to small press of the year

The BookMachine Podcast: Conversations in Publishing

Jul 26 2023 • 35 mins

In this episode, we have two guests from Boldwood Books, Claire Fenby and Marcela Torres. Get ready as they share their journey in transforming a small publishing press into a resounding success, with their recent win of “Small Press of the Year” at the British Book Awards 2023. Claire, Head of Marketing, had a pivotal role in the founding of One More Chapter division at HarperCollins, as well as carving her path in the digital realm with her thriving BookTube channel. Marcela Torres, Marketing Executive at Boldwood Books, comes from a background in freelance translation and has recently had a meteoric rise on TikTok and Instagram on her own channels. Soak in the wisdom, strategies, and infectious enthusiasm of Claire and Marcela as they share their advice on business growth in the publishing world alongside their talented team members at Boldwood Books.

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