Episode 234: Microscopy Work and New Kit

Beekeeping - Short and Sweet

Dec 11 2022 • 15 mins

In this week's Podcast: I have some exciting new honey room equipment to share with you today, I know I really should get out more but hey us beekeepers just love shiny new stainless steel. Listen in for this and much more.

Hi, I’m Stewart Spinks and welcome to Episode 234 of my podcast, Beekeeping Short and Sweet.

Sponsorship: I'm delighted to say that our podcast is now sponsored in part by Simon The Beekeeper - 'Making beekeeping an affordable hobby for everyone, Simon the Beekeeper provides the best value beekeeping equipment possible, along with a super-fast delivery service. The bees won’t wait, so their customers don't have to either.
Visit the website at www.simonthebeekeeper.co.uk

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