Ep. 43: Examining and Redefining Labels, Beliefs and Living Audaciously after 50

Audacious AF - Confidently Take Charge of Your Life and Love Your Life Again!

Aug 29 2023 • 29 mins

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to turn 50? Are you curious about how it changes your perspective on life? Brace yourself for an audacious discussion where we confront the reality of aging and the dissonance it brings along. We are taking the path less traveled, breaking the stereotypes, and choosing how we want to experience the second half of our lives. Join me, Angie Powell, on this enlightening journey of self-discovery as we redefine our labels and beliefs, learn to be accountable for our happiness, and prioritize our needs to live as our true selves.

Ever thought how aging influences your relationships and body image? We will be breaking down the fears associated with body composition changes during menopause, and its influence on our self-confidence. Open and vulnerable communication with our partners is the key to navigating these changes. We will touch upon these aspects and more, providing you with insights into managing this crucial phase of life.

Now let's talk about the societal chains of expectations, the guilt and shame associated with not conforming to them. Let's challenge these norms. What if we choose self-acceptance over societal expectations? What if we choose to live life audaciously on our own terms? Together, let's explore the audacious concept of living fearlessly, finding our purpose, and being true to who we are. It's time to cast off the bolts and live the life you've always wanted, fearlessly and audaciously.


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