Ep 44: From Self-Judgment and Comparison to Self-Compassion and Confidence: Vertical vs Horizontal Mindset

Audacious AF - Confidently Take Charge of Your Life and Love Your Life Again!

Sep 21 2023 • 22 mins

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the endless cycle of comparisons, perfectionism, and the overwhelming anxiety that comes with vertical thinking? Bust out of this limiting box with us in this episode as we journey through the liberating landscape of horizontal thinking. We dissect the contrasting mindsets, revealing the damaging effects of a vertical mindset - spiraling into self-judgment, depression, and the constant worry of what others think.

But there's a flip side to this narrative. We delve into the empowering realm of horizontal thinking, highlighting how it paves the way for self-growth, acceptance, and collaboration. We discuss how breaking free from rigid perspectives can usher in a new era of creativity, self-love, and compassion. Furthermore, we guide you on how to find the support you need to feel whole and aligned with your true self. Join us on this enlightening exploration and discover how a shift in mindset can foster a healthier, more creative, and fulfilling life.


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