The 3 Things You NEED to Know Before Your Plan Your Next Event With Marley Majcher

None Of Your Business Podcast

Aug 2 2023 • 37 mins

In this engaging episode of the "None of Your Business" podcast, renowned celebrity party planner, Marley Majcher, shares her unique insights and experiences. She begins by explaining how she carved out her own micro-niche in the event planning industry, emphasizing the importance of finding a unique selling proposition. Majcher then delves into how she built her star-studded client list, detailing her approach to getting celebrity clients and endorsements. She shares the fascinating story of how she landed her very first celebrity client, highlighting the determination and resilience required in this competitive field.

Later in the episode, Marley shares her memorable experience of landing pop icon Britney Spears as a client, recounting the challenges and triumphs that came with this significant milestone. As she reflects on her journey, Majcher gives listeners a valuable piece of advice for when things get tough: "Do one more". This mantra encapsulates her approach to overcoming obstacles, motivating her to push forward even when the going gets tough. Her candid discussion provides valuable insights for those looking to break into the high-profile world of celebrity event planning or those simply seeking inspiration to overcome challenges in their own fields.

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