The Pillars and Pitfalls of Financial Literacy with Yanely Espinal

None Of Your Business Podcast

Jul 26 2023 • 36 mins

In this fun episode, we have a special guest, Yanely Espinal. Yanely knows a lot about money, and she's here to help us understand it better. First, she talks about the big mistakes people often make when dealing with their money. Then, she explains the two most important things you need to know to be good with money. She also tells us why knowing your math can help you a lot!

Next, Yanely talks about how hard it can be to teach everyone about money. But she also shares her tricks to make it easier. Finally, she tells us about a great book that can help us learn even more about money. Whether you're just starting to learn about money or you already know a bit, this episode will have lots of helpful tips for you. Join us to start becoming a money master today!

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