E25: How to earn more money with Natalie Campbell MBE, Lynn Anderson Clark and Priyal Kanabar

The Pension Confident Podcast

Feb 25 2024 • 31 mins

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While many organisations may talk about equality, research tells us that women are far less likely to secure a pay rise than men - even when they ask for one! Nearly one in every three men who ask for more pay get it, but only one in every five women are successful.

This month on The Pension Confident Podcast, inspired by International Women’s Day, we’re discussing how to earn more money. Join our host, Philippa Lamb, and our expert panel as they discuss how to bridge the gap between your potential and your pay cheque. This month we hear from:

  • Social Entrepreneur and Broadcaster, Natalie Campbell MBE;
  • CEO and Co-Founder of The Know, Lynn Anderson Clark; and
  • Senior Customer Experience Researcher at PensionBee, Priyal Kanabar.

Episode Breakdown:

01:52 Pay gaps in the workplace

04:27 Early stage careers

07:52 The mentorship relationship

11:10 Job application behaviour

13:17 Job interview tips

16:12 Negotiating for higher pay

18:55 Benchmarking your salary

24:10 Later life careers

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