E21: Why don’t women invest? With Ayesha Ofori, Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen and Lara Oyesanya FRSA

The Pension Confident Podcast

Oct 29 2023 • 31 mins

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Did you know that as well as a gender pay gap and a gender pension gap, there’s also a gender investment gap? According to investment website; Boring Money, in the UK there’s nearly £600 billion more in men’s investment accounts than women’s!

Only a third of UK women say they feel confident dealing with their finances. But, is a lack of confidence the reason why only 48% of women invest in the stock market compared to 66% of men, or are other factors at play?

To help us explore why women are less likely to invest are this month’s expert guests:

  • Founder and CEO of Propelle; Ayesha Ofori,
  • Co-Founder of Female Invest; Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, and
  • Independent Non-Executive Director for PensionBee; Lara Oyesanya FRSA.

Episode Breakdown:

02:00 Why’s it important for women to invest?

03:15 Brief history of financial gender inequality

04:51 Saving vs investing

06:58 Why women are less likely to invest than men

08:46 Are women less likely to take risks?

14:24 Financial education for women

17:26 Pensions are investments

19:34 Who can invest?

22:03 Our guests first investments

26:07 Long-term thinking.

* We mention Boring Money’s research shows a £600 billion gender investment gap worldwide - this figure actually only covers the UK!

The figures mentioned for the potential returns of savings vs investments were calculated using Santander’s savings and investments calculator. The results were based on taking medium risk and the ‘realistic’ expectation of growth. However, returns can be higher or lower. These are just examples and aren’t guaranteed.

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