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Jul 24 2021 • 35 mins

One of the most important branches of study in the Social Sciences is Economics! It's intriguing to learn that a topic can have an impact on our daily life regardless of socioeconomic background. .  All social constructions such as caste, creed, and religion are absent from economics. It's a scientific method to comprehending human behavior as a resource consumer! .  We'll cover the fundamentals of macroeconomics and how different countries operate on a broad scale in this two-part episode! .  Our guest, Vidhi Kalra is a YouTube creator, an Assistant Professor at Symbiosis, Pune, and a Global Trade researcher, was our multi-faceted guest.  - --- Content of this audio ----------------  00:00 - 02:53 - Intro and Welcome  02:54 - 10:24 - Basics of Economics   10:25 - 20:29 - Making Sense of Economic Terms  20:30 - 28:37 - Starting a YouTube channel  28:38 - 34:47 - Picking topics and seeking the pattern   Find us on various platforms -   Link - https://linktr.ee/riffscript  Follow Vidhi on:  YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGGhQWgTI0XgKm0nLt4N2cQ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/5_minute_economics/  Do look out for Krunal on social media... Links below:  Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dhhwhimsicalgeek/  Follow Jainish on   Instagram: https://instagram.com/curiousscribbler?igshid=1wz7k5rpfszzj Medium - https://medium.com/@Jainishsoni96 Instagram - https://instagram.com/jainishsoni?igshid=18b42hxo5tue1 #economics #hindipodcast #allfingersandthumbs #professor #symbiosispune #worldtrade #macroeconomics #podcast #riffscript#startup#digitalmarketing#spotifypodcast#googlepodcasts#youtubecommunity