Episode #7.2 | Mandala and Spirituality | All Fingers and Thumbs | Podcast | Hindi

All Fingers & Thumbs - A Hindi Podcast

May 1 2021 • 41 mins

Indulging in Art is the only way to keep ourselves sane during these tough times. Once you're engrossed in making a piece of art, your mind transcends from the physical realm to the vast space...  Mandala is such an art form that has been persistent in helping humanity thrive at the highest level of consciousness. It has been an essential part of shaping humanity from the standpoint of spirituality...  Let's take a dive into the depth of such an ancient art form in a two-part episode of All Fingers and Thumbs with Harshverdhan Kher and the talented Miss Gargi Sinha on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned, stay healthy and take care. #podcasts #podcastersofinstagram #pocketcasts #art #artistsoninstagram #mandalaart #mandala #buddhism #hinduism #islam #christianity #spotify #youtubechannel #youtube #riffscript #applepodcasts #googlepodcasts #allfingersandthumbs ---- Content of this audio ----------------  00:00 - Previously on Part - 1  00:35 - Qualities of Art and Artists  05:08 - Self-Criticism and Creative Process  13:12 - Sense of Perfection  17:50 - Impact of Mandalas on Our Psyche  26:34 - Religious Places and Peace  32:50 - Gargi's Work and Goodbye Find us on various platforms -  Link - https://linktr.ee/riffscript Do look out for Gargi Sinha on social media... Links below:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/violet.violins/ & https://www.instagram.com/the.violet.strokes/   Do look out for Harshverdhan on social media... Links below:  Instagram - https://instagram.com/khichdi_kadhi?igshid=1d0fzzgxgva1v YouTube - https://youtube.com/c/HarshverdhanKher  Follow Jainish on   Instagram: https://instagram.com/curiousscribbler?igshid=1wz7k5rpfszzj Medium - https://jainishsoni96.medium.com/ Instagram - https://instagram.com/jainishsoni?igshid=18b42hxo5tue1