Episode #23 - Carbon Footprints, Climate Change, and The World | #hindipodcast | #allfingersandthumbs

All Fingers & Thumbs - A Hindi Podcast

May 9 2022 • 57 mins

We've created tools and technology for our own comfort since humanity began developing toward better living situations. Humans, on the other hand, have harmed the ecosystem as a result of their ongoing production of new tools. Other creatures have to suffer from numerous tragedies as a result of people.  Climate Change and Carbon Footprints are the two most major human-caused calamities. Climate change is inescapable in today's world. The temperature in the cosmos altered from time to time even before civilization. Nations have been divided depending on their economic circumstances, with emerging countries suffering an additional overpopulation problem.  We had an insightful conversation with Ms. Rashi Mehta, who represents the Carbon Initiative Forum, in this edition of All Fingers and Thumbs. The group is doing its part to raise awareness about carbon footprints and climate change. They are assisting us in understanding the influence of our lifestyle on climate change and how we may help to improve our world and preserve future generations. Please subscribe, like, and share our channel. To raise awareness, share this episode with as many people as possible.

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