Sunflowers & Red Feathers Blogcast

Sunflowers & Red Feathers

Sunflowers and Red Feathers is a grief support blog/podcast, aka "blogcast" for bereaved parents. Started by Kristina Cunningham and Steffanie Empey. We are friends walking together through grief after losing our sons within months of each other. We have named our blogcast Sunflowers and Red Feathers in memory of our sons, Mason (Sunflowers) and Joshua (Red Feathers). Together we have grieved and mourned the loss of our boys from the deepest and darkest moments all the way to a place where we can now see joy and hope again. We still have our bad days, as does anyone who is battling living through child loss, but we have found that our friendship and being able to confide in someone else who has the same fears, anger, and daily struggles can make our burden we carry that much lighter. We are bonded in friendship over our children and our lives have only thrived because of that friendship. We want to share with you the joy and the hope that we have. We know the struggles that come with child loss and aren't afraid to talk about them. We hope you are able to find peace in our words, comfort in our stories, and a renewed outlook on life because of our podcast. -Sunflowers & Red Feathers