Interview Series: Megan Hillukka @cultivatedfamily

Sunflowers & Red Feathers Blogcast

26-02-2021 • 34 mins

Megan lost her daughter, Aria, in 2016. She learned during her own grief journey that allowing herself to grieve and letting her painful emotions in made her grief become lighter. She ran to physically get the energy out and remembers sobbing so hard it felt like her chest was ripping apart. She calls these experiences and trying times, doing “grief work.” She believes that doing the “grief work” - allowing and processing your grief - is the only way to find joy and happiness after child loss.

Now she has her own podcast called, Grieving Moms Podcast. Megan has workshops that walk you through meditations, tapping, and other methods to process your grief. She also does one-on-one coaching and guidance. You definitely want to listen to this episode!

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