The Grief Timeline

Sunflowers & Red Feathers Blogcast

18-11-2020 • 18 mins

In this episode of Sunflowers & Red Feathers, we discussed a question from our weekly Q&A that we felt needed more than a simple two-sentence answer.  "When will this pain in my heart soften?"

The answer is that it will soften but not on any scientific timeline. The simple answer is that there is no timeline for grief, nor should there be an expected one. Nothing about child loss is normal and "grieving" the way we are taught in school to grieve is a very different ballgame when it's grief from child loss.

The reality is that the pain will ease with time but you never truly move on after losing your child. You become a different person. There is hope though and if you look for joy, you will find it! That's what we hope to bring to you! Until next week,