Interiew Series: Kendra Rinaldi @griefgratitudepodcast Interview

Sunflowers & Red Feathers Blogcast

28-01-2021 • 25 mins

Kendra Rinaldi has her own podcast called Grief, Gratitude, and the Gray in Between. She lost her 19-year-old sister when she was 21, suffered a miscarriage, and her mom died of Pancreatic cancer 4 years ago. She is all too familiar with grief. She started her podcast in March 2020 and has been interviewing people in all different walks of grief: loss of a spouse, friend, parent, and children. Her podcast “is about exploring the grief that occurs at different times in our lives and the gratitude that can come from growing through it.” She has been able to find gratitude in her own grief and wants to provide grievers with tools to help them through their grief as well as the knowledge that they aren’t alone on their journey.