Translating the Gene Keys and Evolving Beyond Words with Victoire Slakey

WORD UP with Dani Katz

Jan 31 2024 • 59 mins

Victoire Slakey is the creator of the I Am Process, as well as French translator of The Gene Keys. She joined me on New Year’s Day for a deep dive into language, transcendence and oodles more.

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Show notes:

  • A background story of discovering/translating the Gene Keys
  • Spirit of Grace~ exploring the 22nd Gene Key
  • What makes French the language of diplomacy?
  • Translating a transmission that is beyond the limitation of words
  • Evolving beyond language
  • Arguments & definitions~ different levels of understanding
  • Epic task of translating a 'living mirror'
  • Transformation from translation process
  • Feelings upon birthing a book and letting it go
  • Identity, credit and ego~ a writer’s struggle with attachment
  • Victoire’s ‘I AM’ process- essential equilibrium
  • Detachment~ a gift of a tool
  • Free speech & empathy connects us with different perspectives
  • Identity trap~ "The ‘yes' is stronger than the ‘no’"
  • Who is the ‘I Am’ process for? What is the value?
  • Noticing blindspots and biases within the Gene Keys

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