How to transform ownership of oil, coal, and gas companies to stop climate change

The Activist Investor

Jan 13 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

If we took the 2021 profits from oil, gas and coal companies and distributed them to every person in the world, everyone would have received $15.

That’s according to David Ko who, alongside Richard Busellato (both ex-investment managers and co-authors of The Unsustainable Truth) spoke on our podcast about how to press the stop button on climate change.

So how can we navigate the need to stop oil, gas and coal production with the current cost of living crisis?

Richard and David have done the work and come up with a blueprint to follow.

We also discuss:

-Why oil, gas and coal is like putting snacks on the table - even if you don't eat them, someone will!
-Why its actually cheaper to stop oil, gas and coal production now.
-Why divestment is 'moronic.'
-Investing as a 'tourist' versus investing as an owner.
-Different forms of capitalism, including the 'crony capitalism' we're seeing today.
-Why its essential we hold business managers accountable now.
-Subtractive change and transformative ownership.

You can also read through some of their blueprint ideas here: