Episode 20: The Art of Simplicity: Crafting a Fulfilling Life with Lucile Marshall

Jess M Cutler - ENSPIRES

Oct 19 2023 • 55 mins

What is the secret to a fulfilling life? Why don’t we ask someone who’s lived one?

I’m honored to be joined by my mamaw (grandmother) Lucile Marshall for one of my favorite episodes of the ENSPIRES podcast to date. I sat down to chat with her about her life and hear some of the wonderful stories that I know she has to offer.

You’ll hear about where her parents came from, when she met her husband, how she discovered her love of art, and how her faith has guided her through it all.

We laugh, we cry, and of course, we talk and talk. Come and enjoy a heartfelt conversation between a mamaw and her granddaughter. This is the story of my grandmother’s life.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • What it was like to move away from home when you could only write letters and make an occasional phone call
  • The beauty of doing what you love
  • The simplicity of a fulfilling life

If you enjoy hearing stories from a different time, you’ll love this one.

All show notes are available at jessmcutler.com/podcast!