Episode 7: A Different Definition Changes Everything

Jess M Cutler - ENSPIRES

Nov 15 2021 • 9 mins

When all Jess has known her entire life is the Sunday School definition of "glorify," it's no wonder she's struggled with understanding what it means to be truly humble in her life and event planning business.    As Jordan Raynor's book, "Called to Create," opens up a new definition of the term, "glorify," Jess begins to understand that imitation truly is the highest form of flattery and to glorify God doesn't mean she has to verbally "praise God" for every cool event He plans through her in her life.  Follow along with Jess as she begins to truly understand what it means to serve others not to glorify herself but rather to glorify God - the giver of her gifts.  Need more ENSPIRATION - follow Jess M Cutler on Facebook and Instagram: @JessMCutler.ENSPIRES  or check out her website at JessMCutler.com