CV33: Saying Yes and Remaining Positive Amidst COVID-19 | Coronavirus Sessions

WHOA GNV Podcast

May 14 2020 • 30 mins

Podcast Fam! If you don't know who Elio Piedra is then you must be sleeping under a rock! :) Here is a person that I love and am honored to have as a friend in the community. He has so much heart!

Join us for a conversation with one of Gainesville's finest, most energetic, and passionate entrepreneurs. Elio normally has entertainment events booked every night of the week. How has he pivoted? How do you take a business that depends on people coming together and do a complete 180? Hear about all of it in today's episode and I guarantee you will finish the episode inspired and have a positive mindset as we continue to navigate the impact of COVID-19.

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Join us as we discuss the daily changes and effects of the coronavirus on businesses.

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