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Jul 28 2022 • 2 mins

Do I Need a Qui Tam Attorney?

The government may bring legal action against anyone who cheat the US thanks to the False Claims Act (FCA). Qui tam lawsuits are initiated by private parties on behalf of the US government. Qui tam cases are the legal term for these activities. The federal government has the option to join a qui tam lawsuit once it is filed. This implies that a portion of any settlement money paid to the government will go to the qui tam plaintiff. The "relator" is the qui tam plaintiff. The United States Government, sometimes referred to as the government's "stakeholder," and the relator will split the award. Although the relator initiated the qui tam lawsuit, the United States is the one who is bringing it. There are several justifications for a relator hiring a qui tam attorney. The relator often requests a share of the funds granted to the government. Additionally, a qui tam attorney has the right to file a complaint against an employer who defrauds the federal government. FCA refers to this kind of fraud. Because qui tam litigation is a difficult area of the law, it is crucial to work with a legal professional who has expertise in it. A lawyer with experience in qui tam cases should be contacted if you wish to file one. An attorney will assist you in drafting the complaint, carrying out the discovery process, organizing the case for trial, negotiating with the defendant, and defending you in court. You won't need to appear in court without a lawyer. A qui tam attorney may assist you in avoiding mistakes that might endanger your case.

What does qui tam imply in legal terms?

If you think your company is violating federal health and safety requirements, you may file a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the government. Qui tam lawsuits fight fraud and corruption. The 1863 Fraudulent Claims Act allows private persons to sue the government for false claims damages. Whistleblowers might share in the government's recovery. Whistleblowers are entitled to a part of any litigation settlement. The FCA recognizes three qui tam types. First, an ordinary individual working as an agent of the US government files a qui tam case for false claims. Second, a federal employee brings a qui tam fraud claim. Qui tam lawsuits are launched by average people acting as agents of the US government. The Whistleblower Advocates Philadelphia PA helps clients launch FCA qui tam actions and win damages.

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