EP46 - Build an Authentic Brand and Own Your Online Narrative -- with Asha Bailey

An Unscripted Podcast for Photographers

Jan 15 2024 • 44 mins

Asha Bailey is a San Diego-based destination wedding photographer, but she’s also so much more. Proudly at the helm of four(ish) businesses, she often blurs the line between passion projects and careers. As someone who’s spent the last eight years learning how to use social media to her advantage, Asha is a great person to talk about creating a relationship with social media that helps you grow the business you want and feels good, too. As the owner of multiple businesses, she puts a lot of herself into what she does, and she’s super visible online. Despite this, she manages to strike a really good balance between being vulnerable and authentic with strategic and safe. She’s clever, candid, and such a joy to talk to. Regardless of whether you’re a new photographer trying to find your way in the wild world of social media or whether you’ve been in the game a while and want to gain control of your relationship with Instagram, this is the episode for you. Don’t go anywhere.