EP38 - Transforming Pain into Purpose -- with Eden Strader

An Unscripted Podcast for Photographers

Aug 16 2023 • 43 mins

Eden Strader is a full-time wedding photographer turned business coach who’s here to talk to us about how to build an amazing business that supports an enjoyable life. Self-described as a bit sciency gal and a bit woo-woo, we cover everything from manifestation to marketing, boundaries to goals, and gut feelings to profitability. This is an amazing conversation to tune into if you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, feeling burnt out, and ready to build a business that fulfils you, inspires you, and empowers you on every level.



Flash Photography freebie:


Brand Archetype quiz for photographers: https://edenstrader.com/discover-your-brand-archetype-as-a-wedding-photographer

The Tulum Photography Retreat: https://makeprettyworkshop.com/tulum-workshop

Amara the Agency: https://amaratheagency.com/