EP48 - Be Inspired by the Everyday: In-Home Sessions on Film -- with Aly Hansen

An Unscripted Podcast for Photographers

Jan 29 2024 • 51 mins

Today on the show we have Aly Hansen – a wedding, family, and in-home film photographer based out of Richmond, Virginia. After stumbling across a Polaroid camera in Target after an interstate move, she fell down a rabbit hole of researching, studying, and devoting every waking minute to understanding film. After eventually teaching herself enough to develop a roll of color film in her bathroom, she knew she was hooked. Today, she shoots almost exclusively on film, and her clients seek her out for it. Having built her business on in-home sessions, she has a lot to share about what it takes to cultivate creativity, see the magic in the every day, and connect with people in the intimate environment of their own homes. She’s passionate about film, and she’s passionate about supporting women in film because she’s seen how it can empower you to turn your passion and art into a purposeful life. If you’ve ever thought about incorporating film into your workflow or gotten stuck on how to make your in-home sessions run more smoothly, this is an amazing episode for you to wrap your ears around!