The Bulletproof Formula to Writing Web Content that Converts

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Feb 23 2022 • 8 mins

Today's topic is "The Bulletproof Formula to Writing Web Content that Converts"
This is Digital Marketing Marterclass live. This is a podcast dedicated to helping our clients and our subscribers develop systems that generate leads, nurture leads and the clients and convert those clients into raving fans of your brand, your message and your vision.
So today we are going over something we call PPPO. And what PPPO is, it's essentially a formula that we use with our clients and other people that we help develop marketing systems for so that they can get their message out in a formula that does deal with the full spectrum of the content arc. And so what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna break it down piece by piece so that you can watch this video again and look at your own content and try to figure out "Hye, from writing an original content should I use this approach? And for revising contents, should I use this approach? If I'm gonna reoptimize this content for SEO, all of this tactics I'm gonna be talking to you today are gonna be very useful to you.