#11: Billy Hedderman | The ‘Never Give Up Guy’

Unbound | Conversations Without Limits

Apr 11 2023 • 1 hr 39 mins

Former Irish and Australian Army officer, Billy Hedderman delves into the elite world of special forces that demands excellence and unwavering focus while sharing his incredible journey back from paralysis.

Be inspired by Billy’s “never give up” mentality and his story from diagnosed quadriplegia to a level of functionality rarely seen after a near-fatal accident on Australia's Sunshine Coast.

We explore:

  • Redefining personal limits for a remarkable recovery
  • Recounting a near-death experience
  • Mindset shifts required to become the best of the best
  • How taking control of your destiny can lead to growth and resilience
  • Understanding leadership as an act of influence
  • Experiences from serving in the Irish Army including overseas deployments to Bosnia and Africa

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