#06: Ruth Wageman PhD | Creating, Coaching and Leading World Class Teams

Unbound | Conversations Without Limits

Jan 12 2023 • 1 hr 20 mins

Ruth Wageman is among the foremost scholars and practitioners studying and working with teams, especially leadership teams. The core of Ruth's research, teaching, and consulting for the last 30 years has been focused on the conditions that influence superb team performance. Ruth joins the show to share her story that catalysed her success as the worlds most foremost leader in team effectiveness. Ruth shares openly her experiences over decades working with teams and gives some guidance to team leaders about setting up the best conditions for your team to thrive in. In this episode, Ruth also shares advice for team coaches, and as humans how we can all have the courage to lead a different type of conversation with your team; whether that's family or work, it’s all the same.

We talk about:

  • Ruth’s inspiring story about what catalysed her success as the worlds most foremost leader in team effectiveness
  • The 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness, which includes the 3 essentials and 3 enablers that comprise the critical components for team success
  • The importance of measuring the team effectiveness journey
  • What Ruth and Stephen have both learned from designing exceptional teams across all industries and disciplines, including sports, healthcare, business, music, and academia
  • The importance of a Team of Teams approach withing organisations
  • Purpose, understanding Team Flow state and the role of intrinsic motivation
  • A conversation every team leader needs to facilitate with their team
  • The characteristics and skills of an ideal team coach, including organisational awareness, social intelligence, being a good observer, detaching from getting personally involved in the dynamics at play and leading teams with courage

Please email stephen@liveunbound.com if you have any questions on what we discussed today or for any guidance on enhancing your teams performance.