67 | How Her Shopping Experiences Went From Extremely Stressful To Clear and Empowered with Aliya Elariss

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Sep 8 2023 • 25 mins

Surprise! I have a bonus episode for you today! As we countdown to the kick-off of HER Style Collective, my 90-day interactive group coaching program, which starts on Thursday, September 14th, I wanted to bring some new voices onto the podcast. You’ve heard about my experience revamping my wardrobe this summer – what worked and what didn’t work – on episode #63 and I’ve talked about why I created this program and what results you can expect in episode #66. So you have a lot of the information and the data behind how this works.

But how do you know whether it will work for you? What if you’re short on time between the demands of work and motherhood? What if your body has gone through changes in recent years and you’ve just been looking at your clothes as a way to cover it up? What if you don’t want to have a big budget or the desire to start over and buy a whole new wardrobe?

Those are scenarios that I’ve not only faced myself but that my clients have come to me with over the years. And so I invited 3 students from my old Wardrobe Refresh Program onto the podcast to share about their experiences, what their challenges were coming in, the results they created going through that training, and what they’re most looking forward to about the new HER Style Collective program we’re all diving into this fall.

Over the next several days, I’m going to introduce you to these 3 amazing women. You’ll hear their stories and I saw pieces of my own journey in every single one of them. I know you’re going to relate, too, and hopefully find some comfort in what they have to share.

Today, we’re kicking off this bonus series with my student, Aliya. She candidly talks about how shopping was such a stressful experience, she had to have a cup of coffee and clear her mind before she could go! She found herself stuck in a style rut, in a body that had gone through changes over the prior year, and felt distraught that style was only really attainable to influencers. Does any of that sound familiar?

Then, Aliya found my program and decided to make an investment in herself and in a solution that would benefit her through different seasons and phases of her life. The results she’s achieved have been incredible! I can’t wait for you to hear the total transformation she’s experienced when it comes to shopping, relating to her body, and putting outfits together –all without doing an entire wardrobe overhaul, just with utilizing her existing pieces in a whole new way.

You do not want to miss this story, my friend. Let’s jump right into my conversation with Aliya!

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