Rethink Ageing - S1 Ep 7 with Reshmi Chakraborty and Nidhi Chawla


Aug 19 2023 • 35 mins

Reshmi Chakraborty and Nidhi Chawla, co-authors of the book 'Rethink Ageing' ( ), discuss how to remain active, healthy and happy in your senior years. They co-founded the organization Silver Talkies ( ) in 2014 to empower older adults and talk about their learnings from working with those whose zest for life has not diminished in their advancing years and for whom 'age is just a number'. From starting a new business to becoming an avid trekker, running a marathon, becoming a theater artiste and planning for a fulfilling life beyond retirement, the 'new' generation of senior citizens are doing it all. They have shown the way how to stay engaged and relevant in a rapidly ageing population, which in India is projected to cross 300 m by 2050. Book on Amazon - Audiobook - Read the interview