Artist Interview with Beth Forst

Art on the Blockchain by Open Art Source

02-10-2020 • 17 mins

Starting today, we're hosting a series of artist interviews. These podcast episodes will help build the art community and showcase the incredible work being produced by artists from all walks of life.

In this first edition, we get to hear from Indiana-based Beth Forst, a self-proclaimed "Beauty Seeker." As you'll hear about in her interview, Beth believes in forging your own path as an artist instead of modeling your work after those who have come before. A sales career in graphic arts enhanced her knowledge before she began working as a mural painter and sketch artist. Plein Air painting launched her into full-time painting, both on location and in her studio. Now, her painting and lifestyle have become one. Her travels inspire her painting, and her painting sends her off in search of fresh travels. You can find her artwork in galleries and art fairs throughout the Midwest and Chicago, as well as private collections worldwide.

We all love to see artwork on display in galleries and museums, and we can't help wondering about the people behind the art. These artist interviews show us the personalities, motivations, and people behind the art. They add a rich dimension to the art experience.

Learn more about Beth Forst by visiting her website and exploring her rich collection of works.

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In the interview, Beth mentions the Indiana Plein Air Painting Association. You can find them here.

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Music: "Bass Meant Jazz" by Kevin MacLeod, Creative Commons Attribution License