Maurizia Bellomo on Art Therapy and Children's Book Illustration

Art on the Blockchain by Open Art Source

16-07-2021 • 17 mins

Maurizia Bellomo has dipped into many different parts of the art world ocean. From graphic design and children's illustration to fine art and art therapy, this Italian artist has explored all kinds of avenues.

In this episode of the Art on the Blockchain podcast, Rachel talks about several problems Open Art Source is addressing, and then we get a chance to hear from Mau.

If you've ever thought about exploring art therapy or book illustrating, you won't want to miss her advice.

Maurizia studied Illustration and Multimedia Animation at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. Her first work experiences took her to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) where she worked as a graphic designer. Her first publication was "Vertical Ethiopia" published by Shama books. Later she went to Brazil (Salvador de Bahia) working as a book designer at a Cultural Institute (Casa via Magia). Subsequently, the love for illustration and of childhood led her to develop creative workshops for children in France. She currently resides in Italy where she is studying Art Therapy in Florence.

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