335 Answers To Over 20 Instagram Marketing Questions

Social Media Lab

17-09-2021 • 11 mins

Social Media Lab Instagram Marketing Survey 2021

Want to learn how other agencies and social media managers are doing Instagram marketing and get inspired?

The Social Media Lab recently surveyed digital marketing agencies and social media managers to see how they use Instagram. We received 335 responses to our “Instagram Marketing Survey 2021.”

The following information will give you insight into how the average Instagram user utilizes Instagram daily.

Instagram Marketing Survey 2021 Results

Highlights from the Instagram Marketing Survey:

Instagram marketing was very important or extremely important to 64.77% of survey respondents.

  • 66.27% spend between 1-3 hours on Instagram daily.
  • 90.75% view Instagram Stories.
  • Instagram Reels are viewed by 68.96% of those surveyed.
  • 94.93% post at least once per week to the Instagram feed.

Full survey here: https://www.agorapulse.com/social-media-lab/insgtagram-marketing-survey-2021/