0032 - God, truth, understanding & utility - In collab with The Most Serious Podcast

The Unlearning Playground

Apr 23 2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Ripudaman Bhardwaj from "The most serious podcast"is one guy who knows how to hold an honest and engaging conversation. I was recently a guest on his show, and the conversation was so deep and stimulating that I asked him to share it on my network too.

We talked about the truth about God, different perspectives of looking at Life, what it means to differentiate between utility & truth, and so much more.

I genuinely feel this is one of the best online conversations I have been a part of so far.

Do check it out and let me know your honest feedback as always.
Until next time.
Peace out.


Here's the "Understanding God" playlist I was talking about in this episode - https://chetannarang.org/understanding-god-true-religion-true-spirituality/

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